Travel Diary: Los Angeles


Well, I finally made it to L.A. I've always felt like Los Angeles was a dream, and I always desperately wanted to get there.

Traveling for business is definitely different from traveling for play, so I didn't get to see everything I wanted to this time around, but I'm grateful I even got to go. I've officially caught the West Coast bug and am already planning my next trip out there, but for now let me tell you about my whirlwind work trip, yes?

So I've been using #OctolyTakesLA, but that's not entirely true. I actually stayed in Huntington Beach, though most of my outings were done in the city. Although it made for a pretty awful commute, I'm really happy we got to stay in Orange County. As a twentysomething of the MTV reality show generation, visiting Laguna Beach at least once in my life was an absolute must.

It's honestly more beautiful that I ever expected and I'm kicking myself for not staying there longer. I can't believe people live here, seems like some sort of paradise. I've never seen water that blue or such gorgeous, hilly streets.

Down in the City of Angels, I did the usual...

Ate some food (Urth Caffe is yummy but overrated), took some pics (#PaulSmithLA, duh), and developed a slight juice addiction. In terms of food and hydration, LA is absolutely the place for me. There's a healthy option and a juicery on every corner.

... And that came in handy, considering I felt like dying most of this trip. I guess I wasn't prepared for just how dry California is compared to Michigan, and my nose and throat felt like sandpaper. I also had a massive headache the last day due to stress and heat, but downing this ($5!!!) ginger shot helped. Is it even possible to get a ginger shot for only 5 bucks in Detroit?

The last day was kind of a blur. The most important thing is that the #OctolyBeautyBrunch went off without a hitch. We had an amazing time entertaining some gorgeous YouTubers, eating a delicious brunch, and snapping some photos (I'm officially obsessed with the Polaroid INSTAX cameras.) Afterwards, my team went to Venice Beach, which was the highlight of my trip.

I'd live there in a heartbeat.


VB was the coolest: healthy food, hippies everywhere, skateboarders, and a killer sunset. Unfortunately, there was a massive fire happening which explains the very dark and gloomy looking sky, but even still, the colors are beautiful... 

I'll be back for more soon, LA!

Check out my full trip (in vlog format) below!