Katy Perry: Part of Me

I was hesitant to rent this movie. I'm not really into Katy Perry, or most of the garbage I hear on the radio these days. To be completely honest, I had a free Redbox code and nothing else looked worthwhile. I figured I'd put it on as background noise and an excuse to eat popcorn. Katy is a quirky gal, but I've always known that. I remember first seeing her in the Gym Class Heroes' "Cupid's Chokehold" video and finding her strangely beautiful. I think she was dating Travie McCoy at the time (her taste in men has went way downhill since then), and I guess you could call me intrigued. Her earlier songs "Ur So Gay" and of course, "I Kissed a Girl" had me hooked - and totally gave Brit trash-talker Lily Allen a run for her money. But somewhere between her duet with Snoop Dogg and that one with Yeezy, I lost interest.

And then I watched "Part of Me".

Ms. Perry's resilience inspires me. From battles with studio execs early in her career, to dealing with divorce in the midst of a world tour, Katy never gives up. Although we hear about "poor little rich girls" all the time, and rarely feel sorry for them, Katy's story is somehow different.

Unlike most other music docs, "Part of Me" had a certain undeniable rawness. There was little fluff, and even Katy's action-packed concert scenes were cut down to instead focus on the personal issues, past and present, that affected Katy's heart, soul, and career. The most heart-wrenching scene shows a visibly exhausted Katy lying in a chair sobbing uncontrollably after a fight with her then-husband, only to get up for hair and makeup a few short minutes later.

Perry transformed herself from quirky cute chick who kissed a girl to international pop star in a few short years. It is shocking to see how physically and mentally draining superstardom can be, and even more shocking to see Perry's "the show must go on" mentality. Girl's got work ethic, and she seems to love the hell out of her fans.

Overall, I highly recommend this film. It is lots of fun and showcases a side of stardom we rarely get to see. Of course Russell's side of the story isn't given in the film, but this is Katy's stage, so get over it. She was always too good for him, anyway.