Love Song for my City


Just in case you aren't subscribed to my YouTube channel and haven't heard the news, I accepted a job in downtown Detroit, got 13 days to find a home in the area, and will be hitting the road on Saturday. This isn't my first time leaving my fair city (I've lived in DC and Ann Arbor, MI), but this is definitely the biggest deal. For the first time ever I'm sorta single, and totally independent. It's just as exciting as it is scary, and in my final few days in Kalamazoo, I even started to feel a little sad.

Water Street Coffee Joint 1My city is something strange. Something pretty hip. Something endearing. I grew up right outside of the Central Business District, so "city life" - no matter how small it is, is nothing new to me.


But I have to remind myself that just as quick as I can grab an overpriced coffee at my favorite local joint, I'll also catch a glimpse of the city's more rustic, mundane, or industrial past on the way.

OOTD 3Today, my city is making itself known for something all sorts of beautiful: craft beer and spirits. The craft beer thing honestly annoyed me for years since I'm not a big drinker, but it's creating jobs and putting Kalamazoo on the map, so I'm trying to keep from being too much of a Grinch. This year, our first distillery in years will open, and I've gotta admit, I'm a bit sad to be missing it.

OOTD 6I have no idea if my move will be long-term. I keep leaving this city but it always pulls me back, so we'll see. It's a great place to live and I'm already missing so many people, places, and things, but I'm excited to see where this next chapter takes me. If you didn't know, A Journey East was coined after moving to the East Coast, and then to the east side of my state, so it feels like I'm coming full circle heading east again. Of course, wherever I go, my blog goes, so I'll be sure to post tidbits of my adventure here so you can come along. Just follow the "A Journey East" tag for moving posts.

OOTD Shoes FrontOOTD 4OOTD ShoesOutfit Deets: Dress // Thrifted Wrap // Target Shoes // Qupid Clutch // Maurices Sunglasses // Ragstock