Is Life More Beautiful in Black & White?

I've been searching for my perfect summer song since May and now that the leaves are starting to turn, I think I've finally found it. Pop-inspired guitar riffs accompanied by upbeat drums and the cutest British accent made The 1975's "Chocolate" a regular on my playlist this season. I had some strange Alice in Wonderland-esque vision in my head for what the music video would look like (I heard it first on the radio), and was pleasantly surprised when I actually saw it. I'll just get this out of the way and then continue with the actual post: Matt Healy is adorable and everything about him is perfect, even if he's singing about narcotics. I am completely anti-drugs but I'd let him blow smoke in my face all day if it meant I got to snuggle up with him at night.

So anyway...

The video is the compete opposite of what I expected it to be and I am so happy about that. This video is slow yet dynamic, with puffs of smoke and city lights acting as artwork against an otherwise gloomy reel. The frontman stars alongside some gorgeous model, with his band shown only while cruising through the city at night, and again as silhouettes in a group huddle. Simple. Understated. Dynamic.

I watched this video at least a good three times before realizing the entire thing was shot in black and white. If simplicity can be this lovely raw, no filter, and in black and white, then I think the world has a lot to learn. "Chocolate" taught me a whole lot about beauty in the details, from Matt's overly-emphasized recitation of the hook at 1:55 to the glow of the model's pearl ring at 2:38.

I'll be keeping my eyes on these guys, as they seem pretty promising. Their album is due to hit the US on September 2nd - expect a full review.

Have a look at "Chocolate" for yourselves below and let me know what you think: Is life more beautiful in black & white?