In the Waking Hour Feel my Body Race

WARNING!  Do not click play unless you are prepared for the hook to be stuck in your head for hours, maybe days straight.


My boyfriend played some Watsky songs on our last drive back to Kalamazoo.  I was so confused.  Some nerdy guy was rapping and a sultry voice was sort of freaked me out.  Eventually confusion turned into borderline obsession and I started bumping this song in the car, on my morning walk, and mainly in the shower.  I like it because I've never heard it before.  Truthfully, I have no idea what I am listening to, but it's new, and that's refreshing.

So just who is George Watsky?  According to his official website, the San Francisco native and Emerson College graduate struck it big when he appeared on the HBO series Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry.  It was there that he became recognized as a talented slam poet and rapper.

And somewhere down the line, this smooth jam was produced.

Look for his mixtape "A New Kind of Sexy" August 1, 2011.