How I Make Money On YouTube


This is likely my most requested topic to talk about, and I finally decided to spill the beans.

Most of you know that I do not rely on my blog or YouTube as my sole source of income, but I am really lucky to have it make up a part of it. Getting to where I am now has definitely not been easy, and of course, my main purpose in blogging has never been the financial benefit. But, making a bit of money from the hours I pour into my digital presence is pretty nice. There are three main ways I make an income from YouTube, and I'll go over them here:

Google AdSense

This is the most easy way to make money on YouTube. You simply apply for partnership through Google AdSense, enable ads on your videos, and wait for the money to stack up. The main pro to relying on Google AdSense for your YouTube income is that there is minimal effort required on your part, and everything from payment to ad distribution is done through Google. The biggest con is that it takes awhile for money to start coming in. I'm pretty sure I had a YouTube account for over a year before getting a payment (there is a $100 threshold to hit before getting a check), and even now that my payments are more regular, they're not huge. Though Google is nice, I like to diversify my income.


Every now and again, I run across a really great customer experience that turns into a relationship with a brand. Other times, brands contact me directly and ask me to share their product with my viewers. I used to use a service called FameBit to help find sponsorships, but as you'll see in the video below, I no longer rely on that. Sponsorships are one of my favorite ways to make money on YouTube, because you get to set your rates, choose which companies to work with, and share new products or services with your viewers. I have had my fair share of sponsorship horror stories though, so this option can sometimes be stressful to manage on your own.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links take a tad more effort than Google AdSense, but I promise that they're worth it. For some reason, most YouTubers seem to neglect this revenue stream, and I'm not quite sure why. I'm a big fan of Skimlinks (which does require a blog to sign up), but many YouTubers also use MagicLinks. Simply use these links in your description box, and whenever someone purchases something through your link, you get a cut! It's such a nice passive income stream, and I love seeing random payments come through every month just for linking products I already love.

Check out the video I made discussing FameBit, Stylehaul, and Skimlinks below!