Home Again


It's a weird thing, being home but not really feeling at home.

I've been trying to adjust to my new life, and I think I did that so much that I almost forgot where I came from. I've only been home twice since June, and I was beginning to lose sight of what I love about it. This trip was much needed.

I headed home to see Gloria Steinem: feminist icon and author of My Life on the Road, who spoke at my alma mater (nbd.) I expected to be floored by Steinem's talk (I was), but what I didn't expect was to be able to wander through the most magical place in the county, but suprise: the unseasonably warm November weather worked in my favor.


There's nothing like showing the person you love the things that you love and I feel like that's been missing in my life lately. I'm pushing myself to do more of that - both with my relationships IRL, and in my relationships online. I can tell people over and over again why I like to wander around in the wilderness and in the trees, but nothing beats hearing the audible gasp and seeing the beloved's eyes widen when they get to the center of it all.

I've detached from my hometown. I'm happy about that. I think that being stagnant smothers creativity, independence, and all of that other crap I say I stand for. But that doesn't mean I don't love it. That doesn't mean I won't ever go back. And what it does mean is that I enjoy every last second I get to spend there, since they're now so few and far between. Remembering where you came from is important. It's part of what makes you who you are.

I enjoyed myself so much that I didn't even whip out my real camera, so sorry for the lack of images.

Thanks to Norris for capturing these two at Al Sabo... Catch the rest of our trip in vlog form below!