Flashback Friday: Hellogoodbye

Hellogoodbye EP

It's spring (ish), I've been driving a lot, and Hellogoodbye has been blasting a lot in my car lately. Over a decade old now (!!!), this EP was the intro to my voyage into hip indie rock music, and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for it.

A blend of electro, rock, and pop, Hellogoodbye's first EP is what I'd consider a modern classic.


I was a freshman in high school when this EP came out. It was released as a free download, it came in a Zip file, and I printed multiple copies of the album art. I was so amped on it and strangely despite the 11 years that have went by, I still am. There's a childlike quality to these tracks, lyrically and melodically, which is actually really refreshing.

I'm transported back to my days of ogling boys at the skate park and in the mosh pit (not creepy at all) when I listen to this record, and I think that's super important sometimes. Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn's "Every drawing that I drew was never ever as cute as you" is a line replayed in my head constantly, and Dear Jamie... Sincerely Me was the inspiration for this here category titled "Signed - Sincerely Me" on my blog. It also might be one of my favorite love songs ever and if I was one of those chicks who thought about weddings and stuff, it would probably be in it.

Hellogoodbye made geeky guys hot, made electronic drum kits sound kinda cool to me, and made me really want to try Baskin Robins (still haven't though.)

So, so good.