Girl Crush: Sick of Sarah

I've been a fan of chick rock for longer than I recall. The first girl band I remember falling hard for was Halo Friendlies, and later Ginger Sling (still one of my all time faves). Since Halo's demise and Ginger Reyes' disappearance from the music world, I've found myself searching for something comparable and I finally think I've found them. Sick of Sarah is an all girl band hailing from Minneapolis, producing a sound that echoes that of their punk-pop foremothers, while also paying homage to modern day folk icons like Tegan & Sara and Ani DiFranco.

My Favorites? From their 2007 release of Los Angeles 2006: a folk-driven love song simply titled "Mother Fucker". From their self titled 2008 release Sick of Sarah: the satisfying powerpop/punk influenced "Hardest Part". From their latest release 2205: the sensual "One Night Stand", driven by power riffs and whispery vocals.


Did I mention they're all super cute?