My Five Favorite Freelancing Tools

I mentioned a couple of my favorite freelancing tools in this week's Freelance Friday (have you been following along?!) and thought now would be the perfect time to tell you about five of the things I keep in my freelancing arsenal. These are the five that I find to be the most valuable (currently) and the most used. Plus, they're all free (or at least have a free option.)


A major purpose of this week's episode was to talk about getting paid. And a huge part of getting paid is agreeing on a payment schedule, scope of a project, and late fees. None of this matters without a contract, and I've found an amazing tool that lets you plug your project details in, e-sign, send to clients and retain for your records. It takes all of the scary out of writing contracts.

Wave Accounting

AND CO has an invoicing option, but I prefer to use Wave. Unlike Paypal, which can feel a little... unprofessional, Wave allows you to personalize your invoices with a logo, record expenses, and retain client files. It's such an amazing tool and I can't imagine life without it anymore.


Never underestimate the power of your email list... if you're not collecting your customer's info now, it's not too late to start. Mailchimp is super user friendly and is a great entry-level email marketing tool to try out.


I'll admit, it took me quite awhile to get on the Canva train. I didn't understand the hoopla over it, but now that I do - I'm hooked. I've created business cards, resumes, social media headers, and downloadable content for my site on Canva... and that's just scratching the surface. Most of the designs are free.


This is project management made easy - and there is absolutely no way I'd be able to manage my workload without it. Assign tasks to others on your team, create projects and events, and revel in the ever-so-satisfying feelings of checking things off of a virtual list. It's magical, really.

What free tools do you keep in your freelancing arsenal?