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I ran across Chymere's YouTube channel during Vlogmas last year (word on the street is that she'll be doing it again this year, just saying...) I was instantly drawn to her because aside from being incredibly intelligent and cultured, she also seemed to speak from the heart. I immediately dove into her blog She's So Eclecticthe title pretty much speaks for itself.

The title is basically me, in a nutshell; multi-dimensional and constantly evolving. Who I am is a combination of the beautiful and the ugly parts of me and I just think there are a lot of people who can relate to that. Sometimes I wish the title were a little more ambiguous, but it stuck, so I think I’ll keep it for the time being.

Chymere features everything from playlists to book reviews to social commentary. She's a brilliant writer, which I really admire. She's honest, she's relatable, and she's really darn interesting.

So let's learn a bit more about the lady behind the blog, shall we?

You’ve been blogging for awhile. Can you tell me a little bit about why you started and more importantly, why you continue to pursue it?

Honestly, I don’t remember why I started. It was dinosaur age back then (lol). I’m pretty sure it was to just get my thoughts out and document the pieces of my life that I was willing to showcase. It has always been a major force in my life. Why I continue to pursue it is simple; I love to write and to express myself and my experiences through writing. On top of that, blogging has connected me to some really amazing people, opened doors that I would’ve never thought to open, and something tells me that my consistency will pay off in the long run.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers/vloggers?

Oh gee...so many, too many to call off names or I’d be on this question forever! I do my best to keep up with a ton of bloggers, each with something special and different to offer. There are also a handful of them, some of whom I’ve met in real life, who I consider to be really great friends. More recently, two bloggers (Morgan of CosMORGpolitan and Lindsay of 2ndandL) that I interact with on a regular started a phenomenal movement via Twitter using #BlackGirlsWhoBlog, which I think is incredibly genius of them. Creating this network of bloggers wasn’t to negate or discredit other cultural groups, but it gives bloggers of color exposure where they are often overshadowed. Every young lady represented in that group is like a breath of fresh air and it’s a community that puts diversity in the overall concept of blogging. I do have a list of my favorite bloggers on the blogroll tab on my blog, so if you or anyone else is interested in “who I follow” check that out!


I love that you’ve been incorporating more fashion into your blog. The look book you just posted was awesome. Fall is notoriously one of the best seasons for fashions; are there any trends/items you’re really excited to wear in the next few months?

I’m glad you love it and that my style was well-received! I don’t know what the trends are currently. For all I know, I could be wearing a fashion piece from 1978 and I don’t care. *laughs at self* I have, however, noticed the growing popularity of Ankara/Kente print, which I love and may play around with this season. I’m really excited about comfy-oversized sweaters and starting my watch collection. Since my color palette will more than likely gravitate towards darker colors, I want to attempt to do more jewelry-wise, but nothing too gaudy. Before “vintage” became a thing, I loved thrifting, mainly because I couldn’t afford most of the higher end fashions, so I’ll be doing a lot of that as well. I also have some design ideas/ plans up my sleeve, but you’ll have to stay tuned!

How is back to school going? Any struggles, surprises, and/or advice?

Going back to school has been interesting. I think the biggest struggle I’m having is recalling the basics, since I didn’t go back with fundamental courses. The foundation is so important in college and people who decide to go the traditional route seem to really think those classes are a waste of space and time. I used to think that way too. You never really know how much you need a foundation until you’ve gone a while without that structure. The good part is that I studied ahead for most of it, so it wasn’t a shocking new discovery on my end. Other than that, it’s been cool. I love challenging myself and finding use of different parts of my brain. So there’s the advice: study, stay in school, stay focused. Also, don’t go to college (or go back) with the mindset that it’s a waste of money, because you are worth the investment.

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One of my favorite things about your blog is how diverse and cool your taste in music is. Do you have any favorite songs of the moment?

Thank you so much! Seasons are usually marked by genres in my library, so in the fall I’m likely to listen to more jazz, mellow rock, indie, R&B... things of that nature, unless I’m driving. There is almost always upbeat/fast tempo music playing in the car. My favorite songs right now? Say You Love Me by: Jessie Ware and Two Weeks x FKA Twigs.

What are some of your goals in terms of blogging/vlogging?

Sometimes, bloggers can over-commit and can get caught up in reaching beyond who we are for the sake of content, so my main goal in that regard is to just stay true to who I am and what I love; to always strive for authenticity. I’ve been meaning to come up with a vlogging schedule, but we’ll see how that turns out. I don’t always do to well with keeping with a set routine for a long period of time.

I actually just got done reading your post on social media etiquette for bloggers... do you have any other advice for bloggers/vloggers to share?

Be consistent. Be authentic. Those are the golden rules.

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