Favorite Spring Bags + What's in my Purse Vlog

It's finally spring!  I don't know about you, but I anxiously await warm weather all year.  I feel like spring and summer simply don't last long enough.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons for fashion.  I love layering with jackets, leggings, and hoodies.  I also have an ever-expanding purse collection, and I love each of them dearly.  My favorite style for this spring and summer?  Cross-body bags with long straps.  I absolutely detest carrying a big pleather bag around my arm or shoulder in the heat.  It makes my arms all sweaty and gross, plus carrying a big bag in the summer can be a workout in itself.

Today I set up a new YouTube channel because it was one of my goals for this year to video blog more often.  Check out my old channel here.  My first video is a tag vlog - "What's in my Purse?".  It was pretty fun to get back into vlogging - it's certainly been a long time!  It also inspired me to do some...errr...spring cleaning of my purse!

Three more of my favorite spring bags after the jump!

 This is what my friends call "the hippie bag".  It was bought a few years ago and is worn and torn, but still perfect.  It's fabric, which makes it a lot easier to carry around in warm months.  It's also huge, and fits everything I need it to, from school books to sandals.
I love this simple black purse.  It has a long silver chain strap and a cute little bow on the front.  It is perfect for a night out.  It is the size of a clutch but is much more practical.


This is a fun bag for spring.  It has multiple compartments on the front and inside, which make it perfect for warm-weather outings.  Its neutral color is perfect with almost any outfit, and it is made out of the softest pleather I've ever felt - it almost feels real!