An Early Valentine's Day Surprise


Hello! I've been neglecting this blog and my YouTube channel for the past few weeks and I really apologize! I've been busy putting together this short film for a Valentine's Day contest I'm entering. I made a resolution this year to enter at least one video contest per month to help develop myself since I'm not taking any production classes this semester.

I came up with the idea to do this (slightly fictional but mostly anecdotal) love story after spending a day thumbing through fairy tales for inspiration. This is supposed to be a bit campy and ethereal feeling, so please don't think I've lost my mind.

Please vote for my video by clicking here (all you need is a Facebook account and 2 seconds).

I know this is different from the videos I normally post on my channel, but please bear with me! I will have a new beauty video up tomorrow. Also, I created Tumblr and Vimeo accounts where I will be posting more "artsy" type videos and photographs, so follow me there if you enjoy things like that.