Dorco Razors

P1030037 I can't lie - I was very hesitant to do a review on a budget razor. Why? Because I have sensitive skin and I really value my smooth legs (YES, EVEN IN THE WINTER). Dorco Razors claim to be better than leading name brand razors like the Gillette Venus, yet they're extremely affordable. $5.95 is all they ask for the one they sent me, the Shai Soft Touch.

The design bears a striking resemblance to the Venus. It features a contoured handle, pivoting head, and yes - even a moisture strip. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the packaging; I think it looks a bit cheap (but then again, this review is coming from a girl whose dream home is black). Besides that, I was pretty impressed with the overall design and contents of the box. The package I received came with one handle, two razor cartridges, and a suctioned case to hang on your shower wall.

The shave is closer and smoother than the Venus, and I also liked how it felt in my hand. I feel like the razor cartridges don't wear out as quickly as the Venus either. I was able to get a handful of good uses out of the first one, and they're sold in bulk at an amazing price on their website.

This week's YouTube video is all about my  sexiest skincare tips for Valentine's Day, and of course the Shai Soft Touch made a debut.

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Happy Valentine's Day! <3