Don Jon Review + Introducing My Movie Club!


I've been talking about starting a movie review series on one of my YouTube channels for ages now, and I decided that since I have a bit more free time this summer, now would be the time. In addition to my weekly vlogging series (if you haven't seen episode 1, I'll leave it here), I 'm also doing a movie review series. I would love to turn it into a movie club, if enough people are interested. If just one of you wants to do it with me, that's a start.

Here's the plan.

First, I pick a film that's available to stream through Netflix. Ideally, we could rotate who gets to choose but for now, since I'm the only member... you know.

Next, we review it by the deadline. The next film will have a deadline of June 8, 2014.

Then, we post our reviews. Either on YouTube (that's where I'll post mine), your blog (I'll probably post here too), a mini review on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I haven't developed an appropriate title or hashtag yet but ideally we would use those to stay uniform. For now, post a link to your review in the YouTube comments or my Disqus comments on this site.

Finally, we interact! Leave a comment on my video, each other's videos, etc. I think it could turn into an interesting meeting of the minds if enough people are into it.

This month, I watched Don Jon, written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He also stars in the film, along with Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore. Overall, I was impressed with the film although it is way more vulgar than I expected it to be. If you're sensitive about sex and obscenity, you have been warned.

Here's my first video review. Make sure to open it up in YouTube to see other viewers' comments and of course, to like and subscribe.

Next month I'll be reviewing Charlie Countryman, starring Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood. Have ideas for this club? I'm open to your feedback! Just leave me a comment below or contact me on Twitter. Should we get a handful of members, I'll be moderating a Twitter list for the club so we can chit chat in between reviews.

One last thing: you do not need to be a film expert to join this club! I do happen to be studying film but I plan for my reviews to be very informal and fun.