A Deep Slow Panic


I've been an AFI fan since I was about thirteen. I remember I got Sing the Sorrow in middle school and listened to it for about two years straight. I then went backwards, of course and discovered The Art of Drowning, Black Sails in the Sunset, and Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes. I wore one of their hoodies practically every day and I was devastated when I lost it. I'm surprised I don't have photos of me in it anywhere, because it literally did not leave my body - I remember wearing it even in the summer.

AFI is one of those bands that evolves with each record, and that's something I've always really respected about them. Although their new album Burials differs pretty drastically from the AFI I fell in love with, it's still AFI, and it's still beautifully crafted. After being a band for over 20 years, I can only imagine how redundant sticking to one style of music can be, so I appreciate their new more upbeat, electronic style.

The band is holding a music video contest on their website so I made a little something. Mainly because it boggles my mind that members of one of my all-time favorite bands may be watching it, not because I actually expect to win or anything. YouTube is giving me major crap about uploading copyrighted content, so hopefully it doesn't get deleted and/or get my account suspended! YouuuuTube...

I had a really elaborate plan for this video until I realized submissions were due by Friday and it is still barely above freezing in Michigan, so I had to compromise a lot. Considering it was only supposed to be 45 seconds anyway, I'm pretty sure I disqualified myself to begin with but still, Davey Havok's eyes could be watching my face right now. So it's cool.