I recently got invited to try a super adorable jewelry line called Chuck-Chuck's. The concept is genius; interchangeable "chucks" attach to a leather bracelet, making it easy to completely change the look of your jewelry. I thought this would be a really cute product for kids, and I thought for me, the leather bracelet might look a bit rock 'n roll. I decided to stick with a basic black bracelet and an assortment of chucks. P1020913

I was pretty impressed upon opening the package. They come with a handy little plastic box to store all the pieces in, which make it easy to travel with or change on the go. This is also a really nice idea if you plan on purchasing these bracelets for kids.

I went with a mostly nautical theme (of course) and fell in love with a jade color that was offered, so I picked out a few chucks in that shade as well. They also offer watch chucks which I thought was a super cute idea, and I grabbed one in silver. Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the chucks, although one of them did arrive with the decal peeling off.

The leather wrist band seemed to be sturdy and of good quality. My only complaint is that it is a bit too big for my wrist. There are two sets of snaps which make the bracelet semi-adjustable, but even on the smallest setting, there is a large gap between the bracelet and my wrist. I think I will be able to cut it to fit,  but it will take a bit of handy-work.


I did really love the flatter metal chucks, but I wasn't a huge fan of the watch. I felt like it stuck out a bit too much for my liking, and felt bulky on my wrist. Again, I have teeny tiny wrists though, so I kind of expected to be a bit disappointed on that front.

Overall, I'd recommend these for kids or teens - I feel like I would have been really into these in high school! Keep in mind that they may be on the bulky side, though so small people like myself might want to stay clear. What do you think? Would you purchase one of these bracelets?

Chuck-Chuck's are available for purchase here!
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