I was prepared to write a super nice review of my new Samsung Chromebook, but unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that I'm not really a fan. I think my "giving it a chance" ended when I tried to use the webcam, which was crap, only to find out the mic didn't work. I then bought a brand new HD video camera, only to find out that even though I've found an awesome video editing app, Shockwave Flash crashes every time. Maybe this video will get up in a couple of years. Here it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good:

This thing is tiny. It weighs under 3 pounds and is super duper portable. It fits in my oversized satchel perfectly and I barely even notice it's there.

Keyboard is nearly identical to the MacBook Air, which is easy to navigate, simplistic, and modern in design.

The battery life is fantastic. Chrome is advertising 6 hours, but I truly think it's longer. And it charges super fast.

The bad:

No Netflix, at least not for now. Kind of a big deal in this day in age.

Speakers are on the bottom of the device. Meaning sound is muffled unless you hold your computer at just the right angle.

The trackpad kind of sucks. I'm not a fan of trackpads in general, but this one is particularly hard for me to comprehend. Right clicking is especially difficult.

The ugly:

Freaking Shockwave Flash crashes constantly. Which means I have been working on editing a stupid YouTube video for 3 days, and every time it lets me add a few more clips, it crashes and I lose all my work. I am about. to pull. my hair out.

Webcam blows. Microphone doesn't work. Crappy quality for the camera, but I expected that. But the microphone literally doesn't work. Like, at all. I haven't tried using an external mic, but I shouldn't have to.

I bought the 3G version, yet the last time I actually tried to use my "free data", Verizon told me I had to pay. Even though it's worked before. So basically I paid $80 more to be able to use my 3G once or twice.

So - if you are considering buying a Chromebook, I say maybe, and I would totally recommend the WiFi over the more expensive 3G. Definitely don't buy one if you are a YouTuber. Seriously, this is the worst computer to try to make a video on, ever. But if you just want a simple computer to take notes on, type documents, and browse the web, the Chromebook is perfect. I never really thought of myself as much of a techie, but apparently my needs are far too complex for Chrome.

Anyone wanna buy my Chromebook? ;)