Cherry - Jeffrey Fine (2010)

I fell in love with Cherry in the first few seconds of the film...where I saw the neighborhood I grew up in on the big screen. Maybe I am being biased, but Michigan - Kalamazoo, to be exact, is the perfect filming location for an indie film. It feels like home. And not just to me.
Cherry is beautiful. The architecture. The schools. The "South Westnedge Market". And on top of all the beauty, the script was amazing.
Kyle Gallner stars as young, virginal, college freshman, Aaron. He meets Linda (Laura Allen) in an art class at their Ivy League school. She is a mother. This is Aaron's first year out of his mother's house. According to rom-com rules, the two will fall passionately in love, but Director Jeffrey Fine has something else in mind.
Brittany Robertson is Cherry's breakout star, in my opinion. The smack talking, loud mouthed fourteen year old daughter of Linda, Beth, that she portrays leaves a taste in your mouth. It is neither harsh nor sweet, which I feel perfectly depicts adolescent confusion...and love. She proved to be the most harsh part of the film and also the most tender.
Watch because it's filmed in my hometown, because the lovely Jeffrey Fine directed it, or because I'm in it (classroom scene about fourty minutes in, left side of the screen :) ), but either way, watch it. It's worth it.