Music Moment: On Brody Dalle



I've been a Distillers fan for years. If you knew me in my middle and high school days, you'd know my life was an endless quest to be the most punk rock kid in school, which I laugh about now... But I did listen to better music than most of the kids I knew. And The Distillers are good.

But Brody Dalle is great.

Diploid Love sat untouched in my "to listen" queue for months - not sure why I was so hesitant to give it a shot. When I finally did I was totally blown away, inspired, and a little bit in love. Brody Dalle, Australian-born frontwoman of punk band The Distillers grew up a bit since her band's demise - and since her last solo venture, called Spinnerette. She's married (to Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age), is a mother, and a blonde now, but she that maintains rock n roll spirit.

And I am so very down with that.

Rat Race is what I'd describe as a perfect rock n roll song. It's not super risky and follows a pretty predictable pattern, but it's catchy, vibrant, and showcases Dalle's raspy, raw vocals. Is she talking about her divorce from Rancid's Tim Armstrong? Is she talking about the music industry? Or something else entirely? Not really sure, to be honest, but the lyrics are pretty impactful.

I'm gonna cut the chord to the man who holds me down under him 
I'm gonna cut the chord to the man, set me free, rule my world again 

And because an album isn't an album without a great ballad, Dressed in Dreams not only took care of that issue, but also served as a real standout track. The video I included is a stripped down version of it Dalle performed for NPR and it gave me literal chills.

Never let yourself give in When you're trying to start again Put on your dreams and let's go

Another one of my rock n roll heroes, Garbage's Shirley Manson, lends her vocals to Meet the Foetus/Oh The Joy, a very sweet song about becoming a mom. It's drum-heavy with very obvious punk influences - my fave. Brody + Shirley = too much badassery in one song, can't even deal.

Shot through the heart, baby I'm gonna love you forever When they take me away You know I'll love you forever

And just like that, beautiful Brody Dalle has turned me into a believer of rock n roll music again.

Purchase Diploid Love here.