Blogmas? + My Winter Wish List


I've done Vlogmas for the past two years, and although I can't quite upload every single day, I do plan on doing weekly vlogs until January for you guys, so stay tuned. I figured I should do something daily, so Blogmas can't be that difficult, right? Who knows what I'm getting myself into, but here goes: a post as often as possible until Christmas.

I've never liked posting Wish Lists because I don't want to seem like I'm not thankful for what I have and I definitely don't want my subscribers to go out and buy me anything. But I thought this might help some of you get the ideas flowing for gifts, and since I spent hours Cyber Monday shopping yesterday, all these ideas were fresh in my mind.


I have a few pieces from Detroit Vs. Everybody, but this one really caught my eye. You know how passionate I get about crushing the patriarchy (haha), and at just under 30 bucks, I totally feel like I need this in my life.


My lighting has been subpar ever since I moved and I'm dying to get my hands on a Diva Ring Light. They're awesome because they don't take up much space and evenly light your face every time. The good news is Octoly is giving one away for FREE this weekend, so go enter! I can't enter since I'm working with them, but maybe one of you will win!


The 2016 Pirelli Calendar shot by Annie Leibovitz isn't available to purchase, but a girl can dream, right?

s-l1600Since I own an iMac, I really need a cheap laptop so I can edit on the fly (the Chromebook just doesn't cut it), and a YouTube friend of my gave me the plug on this eBay shop that she swears by. She edits her daily videos on these refurbished, fully functional white Macbooks and I'm thinking about copping one for my dang self!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.39.38 PM

I can't be too serious with my Xmas goals, now. The Lip Kit by Kylie is every basic girl's dream, and I'm no exception. I sat with True Brown K in my cart yesterday morning for about 20 minutes before deciding I should buy gifts for others.

One day. One day.