Arid Blow Dry Bar


I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but since getting a big girl job and moving to the city, I haven't done my own hair once. My hair takes hours to do on my own, as it's a poofy, dry, curly mess when left alone in its natural state. I've been visiting random salons around metro Detroit in search of the perfect blow out, and although I've found people I've liked, I haven't been anywhere like this.

Arid Blow Dry Bar is not a full-service salon, but they do specialize in giving you the perfect wash, blow dry, and style. I found them online and after searching through review after review (mostly positive), I decided to give them a go. They do accept walk-in's, but since I wanted my tresses tamed on a Saturday, I thought it would be wise to call ahead. One negative is that there is no online booking, but calling and making an appointment was easy and polite.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how gorgeous the decor was. Arid has a super modern, girly theme, with chevron and metallic being the key elements. There is a wash station in back (covered by a small wall) and a row of chairs set up on a table right in the middle of the shop. It's actually a pretty small place, but you can tell a lot of thought was put into decorating and getting the flow just right.

I was greeted by two different people, both super friendly and sweet. They asked if I wanted something to drink, which I totally regret saying no to. I had a serious coffee craving but wanted to make sure I was focusing on the service for this here review, so I opted out. My stylist chatted with me for just a minute about what I was looking for (loose waves) and if I had ever been here (nope.) I was then guided back to get my hair washed.

Bridget was super attentive and made sure to ask for my feedback whenever appropriate (Do you want two washes? Do you care if I use product? Let me know if I'm pulling too hard.) It's the little things that matter, guys.

Once she started blow drying my hair, a wave of panic washed over me. Being biracial with chemical-free hair has its perks, but also its downfalls. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've left salons in near-tears after a stylist made me feel awful about having SO. MUCH. HAIR. A lot of people just don't know how to deal with it, so I always feel the need to warn them. Bridget was sweet and assured me that they see all kinds of hair here.


Well, she wasn't lying. I had a full wash, dry, and flat iron (with loose waves) in exactly an hour and four minutes. ONE HOUR. Never in my life have I been in and out of a salon in an hour! NEVER. And it wasn't quick because it was sloppy... It looked and felt great. This was my first time ever getting anything other than a pin straight 'do, and when the waves dropped, I fell in love! Next time I'll get it straight, but I like having the wavy option for a change.

Also, for selfish reasons, *haha* I'm going to regret telling you guys this, but Arid offers $20 blow outs on Tuesdays. WHAT. I paid $35 for mine yesterday, which I felt was totally fair. $20 feels like something gifted from the heavens, and I am so excited to make Arid a part of my weekly routine. They also do makeup (saw a ton of The Balm!)


Visit Arid at 32956 Woodward Ave in Royal Oak, MI. Let them know I sent you if you do!