April 3-9, 2014


What a boring week it has been. I did a lot of working, a lot of school work, and a little bit of top secret life goal kind of things. More on that later.


My Throwback Thursday photo this week was one from 2009 in New England. I'm not sure exactly which beach I was on, but it was somewhere in southern Maine. I started to get really heavy feeling, as that is truly where I want to be right now. New England has such charm and elegance. I looked into grad school in Boston shortly after posting this.


I took this picture of a yummy looking chocolate bar my friend Veronica sent me from Norway...


Then I found out I made the front page of my state representative's website...

On Monday I took my nephews and niece out to lunch since they are on spring break, but I'd rather not show their cute little faces all over the Interwebz.


And today I caught up with an old friend and cruised downtown.

Uneventful. Relateable. Normal. I know.

What did you do this week?

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