April 10=16, 2014


It's been a good week.1

On Thursday I met my boyfriend downtown for lunch, something we rarely have time for during the work week. I snapped this photo of some cool looking buildings around the area he works. Can you imagine living in one of these historic buildings? So fun. 2

On Friday I managed to track down some Girl Scout cookies! I love Tagalongs but I never know where to find them. On my walk to lunch I stumbled upon a cute little girl peddling cookies and I couldn't resist. I ate way too many of these. 3

I had the weekend off, so we went out Friday night after work to one of our favorite restaurants. 4

Saturday night I began the process of cleaning up and organizing my makeup... then I filmed a video about it!5

Sunday was really fun. We ran some errands and picked up this Spring Blend from Starbucks (spoiler: it's delicious).6

And Tuesday was the start of finals week: my final television newscast! I'll post a link if possible once it's live on my school's website.

All photos are from my personal Instagram. Follow my blog here!

How was your week?