500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer was scary. Frightening. A horrible, horrible experience.

Not because the soundtrack was bad (it definitely wasn't), or because the storyline was flat (it wasn't), or because the acting was bad (it wasn't, really), but because there was a undeniable truth evident throughout the film: You just can't choose who to love.
Zooey Deschanel, who was in my opinion, the only downfall of the film was a huge nonbeliever in love. She wanted to keep her relationship with hottie Joseph Gordon-Levitt very simple. And in the end she fucked him over royally by falling in love with another man. It is very sad for me to think about. Not everyone is meant to be with everyone. And when you're in love, you feel like it's forever...which is scary because it rarely ever is. Anyway.
I really enjoyed this film. Zooey's character was miscast, in my opinion. I do not find her cute, attractive, sexy, whatever, and that was the role she was supposed to be playing. Her throwback outfits and hairstyles were seriously annoying. Her teeth are gross and her voice is weird. But I LOVE her in the band She & Him.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a god. He is handsome, funny, convincing...I really believe he can do it all. And oh god...he is really handsome.