March 19-26, 2014

Hello! Welcome to my second "What's Up Wednesday". This week was honestly pretty exhausting - mentally, emotionally, physically... and I am really excited for the four day weekend that is upon me.1

Throwback Thursday consisted of this classic photo of me, my nephew, and my sister. This was the first house we lived in when we moved to Kalamazoo, and we were so excited to have my cousins and aunt come to visit.


On Friday, the Supreme Court deemed Michigan's gay marriage ban unconstitutional. And although things are still pretty shaky, I think love will ultimately win.


On Saturday I took a new LinkedIn profile picture.


And on Tuesday I did my first television newscast, in front of a live studio audience (which consisted of my classmates, of course).


I also read an entire book. Steal Like an Artist changed my life, you guys should buy it.


And on Wednesday I got the best surprise visit from one of my old friends/coworkers who moved away. I had a terrible day at work so I definitely needed that visit!

All images are from my personal Instagram (follow my blog here).